We all love new pets, new friendships, weddings, product launches, and new business ventures. We love new transitions. 

They are glittery, flashy, and fresh. 

But really, they don't matter much. I remembered the first day my family got a pet dog. She was adorable. 




It was a precious moment. But overall, it didn't really matter much. What mattered was the countless greetings when I came home. Waving her tail like it was the first time. 




My best friend, I met him at some church dinner. Really, that dinner didn't really matter. What mattered was our countless conversations, diverse experiences and our overall dedication to each other. Real. Honest. Committed. Fancy wedding invitations with carefully chosen words doesn't matter. A better wedding day doesn't mean a better marriage. A better product launch, doesn't even mean the product works!

Transitional moments of spotlight set a false pretense of success. Especially when, committed steadfast devotion are overlooked and undervalued in our culture.

Starting business is not as important as growing one. 

Making a new friend isn't as important as keeping an old one. New is a good thing. It's disruptive and changes the old. 

However, new isn't loyal. New isn't committed. New isn't steadfast. So while others look at the new, remember to pay homage for the steadfast. -JL      

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