Ferris vs Paris.

Ferris vs Paris.

George wanted to make something that would compete against one of the most admired architectures in the world, The Eiffel Tower. He wanted something more exhilarating than just a simple skyscraper.

Many engineers thought it was impossible. George didn’t.  The structure weighed 4,100 tons. It was 825 feet in circumference and rotated on a 45 ft axle that was 56 tons.  The axle ALONE was the largest single piece of steel ever forged. In 1893, George Ferris launched the world’s first revolving observation wheel.   It was a risk, a
risk (pun intended).

It was seven weeks behind schedule and it cost him $250,000 to open in Chicago World’s Fair.  As soon as it launched the
quickly. During the 19 weeks the fair was open it carried 1,453,611 passengers and it made $726,805.50, three times the cost of the attraction.

Well, the Eiffel Tower will always have it’s quaint charm. But the whimsical romance found in the Ferris Wheel is now the beating heart of any great fair.

See because it’s not about being better than your competitors, it’s about achieving.

So go ahead; look for inspiration and
strive for glory.

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