Attention, you can get it.

Make yourself beautiful.

Be loud, be proud, and be bold.

Put yourself out there.

Have a dinner, a date... but then what?


Attention, you can get it.

Just give it away for free.

Be loud, big, and bold.

Put yourself out there.

They click, they call and then what?


Attention, you can get it.

But how do you keep it?

More things are competing for your attention than ever before.

It's everywhere: Click here, Buy Now, Free trial, Discounted, Best Value.

But attention is limited, only one thing can have your attention at a time.

There's only so much attention to be shared.

It expires.

As soon the focus isn't you, it's someone else.

And while the competition for attention grows, trust is forgotten.

There are only a few things that are competing for your trust.

Constantly trust is broken. People are let down.  Promises aren't kept.

And integrity isn't maintained.


So maybe the answer isn't really attention after all.

If you want others to see the value in you, seek to build trust.

People invest in those they trust.

Moments of fame at the end are worthless but life of impact is to be cherished, remembered and celebrated.

See, attention you can get it, but trust has to be earned.

A Prima Donna may catch your eyes but a Mother Teresa will catch your heart.




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